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Networking Project Management and planning

AUDEMARS Engineering believes that project planning is the key to a successful implementation. That's why every AUDEMARS Engineering project is supervised by a Project Manager who begins with a statement of work that clearly defines the scope of the project, the tasks to be performed, the location where the task will be performed, the responsible parties and a timeline of the project. Armed with this statement of work, the Project Manager utilizes AUDEMARS Engineering's extensive resources to expedite the project from beginning to end, and to ensure that your expectations and requirements are completely satisfied.

Network planning and design

Network Planning and Design addresses both business and technical requirements. We incorporate a step-by-step needs analysis of your current and future business requirements, the physical plant, present and future applications, network capacity and growth plans, geographic scope, traffic volume, budget, support requirements, and cost of ownership. It also considers key operational factors and requirements such as:

- Network structure and topology
- Transmission means, line speeds, and bandwidth
- Access methods
- Cabling

System Consultants will also review the relative merits of various technologies, including switched ethernet, fibre channel, and other high performance solutions. AUDEMARS Engineering can also provide you with an interface for private and public network services through telecommunications partners such as Swisscom, Orange, and Sunrise.

Network implementation and Integration services

Network Implementation and Integration Services provide you with the level of assistance compatible with your specific networking requirements and in-house capabilities. Depending on your needs, AUDEMARS Engineering can assume primary responsibility for the entire network or share responsibility with your in-house technical staff. Services may be as comprehensive as an integrated solution, encompassing every step from design to product integration and network certification. Or you may select individual services that meet your specific needs, such as building and testing the network products on-site at AUDEMARS Engineering prior to shipment and installation at your location.

Network support

AUDEMARS Engineering's wide selection of industry-leading standard local and wide area networking products accommodates the diverse connectivity requirements of enterprise computing environments. AUDEMARS Engineering is an authorized reseller for all the leading network product manufacturers including: Novell, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Lucent, 3Com, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard. This flexible approach combines the benefits of a single manufacturer inter-networking solution with convenient access to all the products required to build, expand and manage your enterprise-wide network.
Products include Ethernet switches, routers, network hubs, multiplexors and modems, terminal and print servers, gateways, transceivers, repeaters and required cables for Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI networks. Many products incorporate built-in redundancy and fault-tolerant features, suitable even for highly sensitive, mission-critical networks with continuous, reliable communication requirements. Products can be ordered stand alone or as part of an integrated network solution. AUDEMARS Engineering partners with several manufacturers in each product category in order to provide objective, "BEST of BREED" manufacturer-independent choices and to ensure the optimum networking solution for your communications requirements.

Migration and Integration services

Today, as technology changes very quickly and with increasing frequency, you may find it advantageous to change your company's network operating system platform. Whether you are migrating from Novell or Unix to Microsoft NT, or from an older Novell system to the most current version, AUDEMARS Engineering will design and implement a migration plan around your unique business needs. If you are adding NT applications servers on a Netware network or implementing a thin client roll-out, AUDEMARS Engineering has the cross platform experience to provide seamless integration for your new environment. We will quickly install the new system and upgrade your client workstations with as little downtime as possible.

Remote network management

AUDEMARS Engineering also offers remote network management services from our Network Operations Center.
We can provide you with everything from basic network monitoring and reporting to virus protection, from asset management to remote administration of your network and remote backups of your server.

Why hire and train a staff of network engineers when AUDEMARS Engineering has the certified skills and experience to keep your network running smoothly?